This is from a hike earlier in the summer, obviously.

Today it is snowing. Balls of wet snow in varying sizes are falling to earth at equally varying speeds. Last night the wind whipped past the yurt so fiercely, I'd almost expect it to blow down, had it not withstood other storms of greater gustings. Phil and I walked uphill along the blackberry trail. From up there, we could look down at the glowing warmth emanating from the yurt.

"We're so lucky that that's our home."

This is Tyler and Greg (our herbalist friends) with Phil, also during warmer times. Soon they'll be headed to warmer places, and I'll miss them much.

I want to show you how grey and November-ish it is here right now, but I don't have any recent photos.

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Abigail said...

Where were you hiking?

It's so strange to see that lush greenery now. Really beautiful, but strange.