Happy Halloween!

The frosts are now settling deeper and harder in the evenings. We burn fires each night and awake to seeing our breaths in the chill air.

This is the weather and the season where the Finger Lakes wooed me and I fell in love with this place. As much as we may complain about cold or snow, or chopping wood and stoking the fire, it will always be with a little reservation. At these harsh times, soon to get harsher and more bitter, this land called out to me and welcomed me home. At what some would call its ugliest, I fell head-over-heels for these hills, creeks, valleys, and deep lakes.

I love it here. No growling wind or terrible storm will convince me that this land doesn't love me back. I think it chose me, called me.

Here we are with Uncle Butch and our friend Jim, visiting from the Philly area. We spent an evening of fun conversation before dropping them off on the Finger Lakes Trail the next morning. They indulged us with stories and laughter, and also let us show off our skull collection. Few are so patient.

We also had a wonderful visit with George and our friends John, Eric, and Andrew. They were also generous with stories and laughter, and yes, we showed them all our skulls too. (And I stole this photo from Andrew's website.)


MOM B said...

I can understand why you love it there. It is a beautiful place. Though I haven't lived through an Alaskan winter, I feel the call there. If only I were younger:)

Liana said...

yay - you're back in blogland.
i missed you.

Abigail said...

I understand that link. If I wasn't tied so strongly to the land I grew up on and with, I'd give loyalty to Ithaca-way. It's beautiful land, and I'm glad you're in it.