look twice

No, Reid, it's not a booger.

Let's see....
Phil and I celebrated our 1-year anniversary. Carl and Poppa Stan came for a silo pickup. Sister Emiley came for a week, and together we hiked the Emerald Necklace trail through the woods beneath Cayuga Lake. Phil and I have begun the Wilderness Awareness Apprenticeship with Primitive Pursuits, and this weekend we're running the Farmer's Market stand for MeadowSweet Dairy.

But, I must admit, I am being haunted by the woods. Images from our hike flit through my mind like a dream from last night. As I feel my muscle cells healing, each ache and sore spot reminds me of climbing the trail alongside trees and creeks. I remember the focus of pushing my body to keep moving up the steep slopes, feeling the burn in lungs and legs, pounding heart, and pushing on the balls of my feet. Then, at the top, expansion of senses, open to the view, to moss covered rocks with hemlocks looking nearly ready to topple beside, to new flowers, and old trees alongside their silent companions.

I can't write more now because I need to daydream.


Matt Hardy said...

woh! good to catch up with you two at the end of a summer. I like that loft! that should be super warm.
peace to you two.

MOM B said...

I miss reading your updates on the blog and seeing pictures of things you're doing.