A helpful troll in the tower?
Ready for transport on the Little Zipper!

Cutting the round edge to fit against the yurt wall. This took a lot of talking and discussing before we figured out how to draw the line on the correct arc. You may think it seems easy, but try doing it as a team.

It fits! I'm still not sure how we two were able to get that heavy thing in through the doors by ourselves. It's hemlock and pine, and very heavy.The stage is set.
Start spreading the news....

He used an electric drill for some, but also now has a nifty non-electric pump-drill. Very handy.
It is done!
We are delighted.

Ladder detail: 2x4's, except that step second-from-the-bottom. It's a sharp little piece of pine that sends you hopping off quick.


Liana said...

YAY - thanks for the updates. I'd been missing you.
I'm loving the loft bed! The yurt looks so cozy!
So proud of you, Heidi!

Abigail said...

Hurrah! It looks great and is so much better than creosote, eh?

Well done!