Tiger lillies are delicious. They taste mildly onion-y, only maybe better.

Next weekend we're going to see "wildman" Steve Brill in Pawlings, and NYC for an edible plants walk.
These are our new, newlywed neighbors. I really, really, really like having them around.

This week, brother George RODE HIS BIKE from Lancaster, PA, to Ithaca, NY. While he was here, we picked up the loft bed and did landscaping together. And fried fish. Fear not, all this will be proven later with photos.
Much to our delight, the loft bed is finished. Since I don't have the pictures yet, here's Phil on a suspension bridge instead. And yes, the bed is even more fabulous than Ithaca's gorges. We know because the cats tell us so.These monkeys get bigger and smarter and more fun each day. They're talking a lot now, and today generally bouncing off walls since it's so cold and rainy out. I think I'll make some more coffee before they wake up.
Here's me, loving life and feeling grateful.


Liana said...

You can eat tiger lillies? We have gardens FULL of them... do you eat the whole flower?
If they are anything like onions, we'll be happy...

Please share!

Oh - and I wanted to tell you that the pictures of you in your red dress (on Abby's blog) are BEAUTIFUL!
love to you, heidi!

PS. My word verification is "jbird"
very cool!

sharon said...

and looking beautiful!

heidiann(e) said...

thanks guys!

yup, eat up the whole flower. you can also pick them at night when they're closed, then hang them upside down to dry and use in soups all winter.

happy foraging!

winona said...

hurrah for life well-loved and gratefulness! i wish WE were neighbors.