The main reason for the voyage was to celebrate Dieter's birthday with him and a crowd of loving friends. We dined with them and my neat-o Mom at a lovely tapas restaurant. (This picture is the best one I took of the evening - sadly it's still an awful picture, but we did have a lot of fun.)
Coincidentally, once again we're all wearing blue and green. I think perhaps Dieter is also a lost (wild) garden gnome. Just of the urban variety.
The lake (Lake Michigan, for those of you not from Chicago) was wild and stormy that afternoon.

My dad lives in Alabama now, but still comes back to the windy city as a yearly pilgrimige. Happily, his visit coincided with ours, and it was good to spend time with him as well.


Anonymous said...

thanks for making the trek to Chi-town. Sorry that we live so far away and that our time together is so rushed and infrequent, but i Love you tons anyway.
your bro',

Abigail said...

Hurrah! I'm glad you got to visit with your loved ones in the old stomping grounds. It looks like a wonderful time.