in cognito, in Chicago

This last week Phil and I drove out to Chicago to see my family. Yes, on the way out we took the Northern route through Canada. The scenery was lovely , and well worth what turned out to be an added 100 miles to our trip.

In the city, Phil and I tried to get around using our bikes and public transportation. We took a nice long bike ride one day, and even saw an 8- and a 10-point buck feeding within 20 feet of us. (Alas, no pictures.) It seems that city-life has made them accustomed to humans, and they didn't mind our open staring.

Downtown, and riding the "el," (for "elevated trains,") we wore earplugs to block out ALL the NOISE. Really, it is SO loud there. As much as I still love Chicago, and appreciate its cultural aspects, it's pretty loud in every way imaginable.
Also, the heat is definitely magnified by all the concrete thermal mass. I think the ozone may be different there too. When Phil's bike blew a tire, we walked several miles in midday. I can see why air-conditioning is so coveted in cities.
I liked riding the train. I liked sitting by the lake with my dad and Dieter. I liked sitting in Jen's 28th floor hot-tub, and overlooking the Chicago River. I liked taking walks to the park with my mom. I liked riding my bike in the woods with Phil.


timollie said...

Yay for good adventures!!
Did you happen to see any Westervelts on your voyages??

MOM B said...

It was so good having you here. I also enjoyed walking with you and all the things we did together. Come again soon. Love you both.

heidiann(e) said...


and what a cute little one Owen is!
stay tunes for pictures in the near future.

Abigail said...

Boy, just one visit to the city was enough to turn Phil into a snooty fellow. That last picture proves it.