airing out our comforts

At the last (wonderful) visit to the King cabin, we opened all the chests and drawers and cabinets, pulling old quilts from their dusty rest.
We hung several lines and spread the linens around, letting the breeze and sunshine freshen the fabric.
It felt magical, like holding the past, like getting musty hugs from unknown grandmothers and aunts.

I love thinking of all the careful stitches that went into each one, and then thinking of all the different people (old bear-hunters, or young mommas with little babes in tow, giggling kids a bit scared of the dark) who have snuggled beneath them at various times.


Abigail said...

Wow. These are beautiful! Even quilts I find at yard sales are meaningful, thinking about the unknown women who worked on them with such care, but to see so many spread out that are all connected to (now) your own personal history is even more so.

I love these pictures and the story behind them.

Lilla said...

I appreciated your phrasing "...like getting musty hugs..." You know how much I've enjoyed quilts through the years. Unfortunately, mine aren't inherited, but I still think of the women who have worked so carefully and diligently to create them and of the wonderful patterns that have come down to us through the years. I have loved reading all your blog pages, but these last two have been so extra special because of the wonderful quilt pictures! Thanks for sharing them.
Love, Auntie Lilla