They say there's something to turning 28. Something about planets crossing each other's orbits. Something about it being a number signifying great changes.

So, I'm on the lookout.

I'd describe myself as someone who both embraces and dreads the winds of change. It's the year of learning, so I may as well also embrace the changes headed my way.


This weekend past was the N.E. Permaculture Convergence. It was fully inspiring mingling with such active, motivated designers, farmers, and thinkers.

I took a workshop on coppicing, which is cutting a tree every 7-20 years to harvest the regrowth. It's practiced more in the UK (what isn't), but is highly valuable everywhere to provide alternatives to clear-cutting. From the same grove, cut and allowed to regrow, you can harvest poles for timber-framing, fencing, firewood, yurt-building, and more.

I also participated in a round-table discussion on Peak Oil, and found myself surrounded by voices highly concerned and well informed. It inspired me to start interviewing more people to hear their perspectives on the situation. It also reinforced my desire to learn all I can on regenerative systems, and to start practicing where ever I have the opportunity.

Another afternoon I wandered through the woods with a local mushroom expert. I'll say this: studying many books, spending many days wandering through the woods in search of fungi, and roving through the wilderness for a living is an honorable way to live. And a good way to collect stories. It's always so fun to meet an expert.

We talked about Permaculture as social activism, which I won't try to describe here, except that it has something to do with equal distribution of power. I took another workshop on consensus decision making, and I won't go into detail on that either, except that it has a lot to do with giving everyone equal voice.


Today is hot, muggy, 90 degrees or more. This weather makes me pray for thunderstorms with every breath. The green tomato-globes are growing. The chicory is blooming blue. Our Creator is good. I pray for His guidance, and am thankful for His grace.


MOM B said...

Happy 28th, dear daughter. It's hard for me to believe that 28 years have passed since you were born (one of the happiest days of my life!). I wish you many more years--with joy in your heart, pleasure and contentment in life, a bit of excitement, and love forevermore.

Abigail said...

Happy 28th! Your birthday gift/yurt-warming gift sits patiently waiting for me. (Don't you love how I just effortlessly turned the yurt-warming gift into a birthday gift, too? If I hold off long enough, it can serve triple duty as a Christmas present!)

I love you and your thoughts, and I loved seeing you and the Squirrel, and I pray for a year full of spots of joy, continued learning and growth, and contentment.