encircled in blessings

Sunday, the members of our house-church, Living Hope Fellowship, came to bless the yurt. John led us in a Celtic blessing, with readings for each room. With only one room, we just turned to bless the areas designated for each role. At the closing, everone went outside and held hands, circling our circle-home in clasped hands, singing "may God grant you a blessing."

Steve & Nicole visited over the weekend, and we hiked up to Lucifer Falls at R. Treman State Park with Ben & Amy, and found billions of minnows in the low waters of the creek. We also sampled day-lilly blooms, which are so delicious, Phil says they must have MSG in them. I also found the second ripe blackberry of the season (Amy found the first). We had Thai food on the Commons with our friends, and stayed up late talking and telling stories.

Angelica escaped Sunday night, so Phil and I slept out on the porch to let her in when she came home. We woke up to her meowing request probably sometime around 3am. I slept so well on the porch, I feel inclined to sleep out there more often.

Kept up another night by fireworks, Phil and I took an unusual afternoon nap. We woke with a start by another critter: a small red squirrel had somehow gotten in the yurt! After a moment of misdirected deliberation, we said, "Let's catch it!" Luckily, it scampered toward the door, us scrambling around, cats scrambling this way and that, and Phil let it out. How did it get in? We don't know. But from now on I think we need to keep our nuts under lock and key.

These are the pretty draft horses at Earthly Mirth. This is a picture from when it was quite cold out.

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Rebecca in Ithaca said...

Living Hope - I think I know people there! I met someone recently at an Area Congregations Together meeting about a church response to environmental issues. John, perhaps? Tall and gentle. What a neat group.