Wil & Tasha's wedding

A few years ago, I met Phil, Wil, and Tasha for the first time at Lancaster County Park. The last week of April, Wil & Tasha bound their lives together in marriage at the same park where we spent so much time building our friendship.

The ceremony was on the banks of Mill Creek, under an arch woven with branches. Tasha walked out barefoot, and they exchanged vows interwoven with traditional Cherokee prayers. It was so moving, and so beautiful to hear these two, who have loved each other without question for so long, pledge their lives together in marriage.

It was a perfect day, sometimes threatening rain, but never actually sending a drop. It seemed like all the wildflowers and trees opened their blossoms to bless Wil and Tasha.

I love them both so much, and was so honored to be a part of their union day, and am so blessed to walk the path of friendship with them.

So here's a few snippets of that day.

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