setting was wrong!

Okay, so the portrait setting on MY camera is obviously a little different from Abigail's
Here I am (above), after working on my little containter garden, with portrait setting ON.

Here I am with the regular setting, flash off. I look slightly less grimy. What gives? I am skeptical.
Maybe I should have worn a large straw hat with a flower.


Sandy said...

In my experiences selfportrait taking it goes like this. It will never look beautiful, unless you're abigail, if you hold the camera yourself. My wrinkles and bumps jump out like something scared them when I have the camera turned backward at arms length.

You are beautiful, however (even while grimey!)

Abigail said...

Do you want to know something funny? Of course you don't. I'll tell you. Before I even saw these pictures of you, I took a picture of myself with an ultra-grimy face, per your shotsnaps suggestions, in a hat, and a flower tucked in the brim. I will post it in the next shotsnaps session.

You are beautiful and don't require a portrait setting to be so.

Liana said...

ditto on all the above :)