So this here is the stringed object of my affection. I'im not playing it enough, but I still love it. Kind of like I'm not taking enough time to do a lot of things I love that are also good for me, but I still think about them all the time.

The mandolin pictured above was condemned by the music shop. Apparently it is too warped to fix. If anyone has any creative ideas of what to do with a crippled but lovely instrument, let me know.

Here is Phil with his green ukelele, purchased when we found that the mandolin was unplayable. He loves this little green goblin, and is already pretty good.

We like to play, and we like to sing, but so far we can't both do that together at the same time (unelss we ignore the other one, and that doesn't sound so good).

We're not ready yet to take requests.
Until next time, the end.

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Abigail said...

One of my reasons to recently grow my nails long was so that I could learn to fingerpick. Fingerstubs aren't conducice to finger picking, so I'm doing what I can to pick up a too-long-neglected guitar.

And I LOVE that green ukelele! Well, the color, anyway; I can't vouch for the thing itself.