There have been some greater and some lesser projects. I'm not sure which category this one would fall under.

Kombucha is sometimes called an aquatic mushroom, but it's more like a floating colony of bacteria. It lives on caffeine and sugar like any good organism, as our friend says. To get it going, you need a "mother," which is like having a sourdough starter (you can probably make your own somehow, but getting the mother is easier). You then feed it a strong brew of black tea with a lot of sugar. Some people combine maple syrup or honey, and apparently you can also make it with Mountain Dew.

This is our Mother.
The bacteria digest the caffeine and sugar, creating a fermented drink that is heralded for great health benefits. It's a little fizzy and can be tart or sour like vinegar.

The mother produces offspring, which Phil and I argue - is it another 'Bucha Momma? Or should we call it Baby 'Bucha?

Here they are happily housed in their new duplex.

So far, we've only made HUGE kombucha colonies, and added too much sugar which they couldn't eat fast enough, so it turned into vinegar.

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Abigail said...

I vote Baby Bucha. Babies grown up to be mothers, so it fits.

I have never heard of such a thing before. Can one wheedle the kombucha into creating framboise-flavored fizz?