Last month the juneberries bloomed, and now the little green fruits will soon be turning darker shades of reddish blue.

Since Phil was able to start our seeds at the nursery, we already have little globes of green on some of our tomato plants. The beans are blooming and the lettuce is growing. Phil also sprouted seeds from a gooseneck gourd that was over 15 years old. We weren't sure if they would still be viable, but now we have a few growing steadily.

This week when we picked up our first CSA share at market from Sacred Seed Organic, we were delighted and overwhelmed by a HUGE basket of greenery. Kale, bok choy, mustards, spinach, chard, radishes, and more.

On Thursday we start a short course for advanced Permaculture design. It runs through the weekend, and I'm looking forward to getting more practice with designing systems in a supportive, collaborative format.

We've started purchasing ice for our insulated cooler. We were hoping to get away with just a root-pit, but research is showing that we will still rapidly lose our meats and dairy. However, Phil just got a huge electric chest freezer for free from the CNC for Turtle Village. It'll be plugged in at the Whale (a large trailer on the property) for community use. So, we can keep a lot of meat in there, as well as make our own ice (instead of buying it the way we have all week).

Gotta go.


wondergirl said...

Take that, rotting meat!
and that, food poisoning!

You've beaten the evil bacteria fairies! Score one for shared electricity...

Abigail said...

What greens did Squirrel use in that stirfry? I keep thinking about it. Yum.

heidiann(e) said...

hmmm... i can't remember. he usually uses whatever greens we either have or are on sale.

they were maybe mustard greens, with some radish greens?