handy all around

Our friends Kathy and Paul, along with their pup Ruby, rent and live in a house that has a 7-story tower. It is so unusual, I'm not even sure what else to say about it. They are visited by many birds.

Paul has the expertise and tools to help us build our loft bed. I've barely done anything, but Phil did take pictures of me with the router and the belt sander one day. Paul insisted (safety first) that I wear the protective goggles, and that I should wear the ear-mufflers to get "in the zone."

I like names and terms. I liked the "chamfer" bit, and making the "chamfered edge." I expected it to be more "chamford."

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Abigail said...

John's been reading the book you guys let us borrow. I haven't dipped into it yet, but if there was hope that a seven-foot tower could be had mortgage-free, I might just bite.

What a fun place to live, and what a fun be-goggled girl you make.