Happy day!Yesterday Wil & Tasha showed up. After much catching up, we heard Wil's new plans of finishing his Bachelor's degree and looking toward a Masters in primitive skills/naturalist studies. We're very excited for them both, and the opportunities this will open up.

I left the dishes in the drying rack on the porch after washing them, happily distracted by conversation and laughter. Tasha showed me how to throw an atlatl (sp?), and we took a walk down to Fall Creek. Paul, the Wwoofer's, 2 tipi guests, and all of us cozyed up in the yurt to visit after dinner. I soon forgot about the dishes.

Late last night, a raccoon left his muddy pawprints all over my clean dishes! The little beastie must have been sniffing around looking for more yogurt.
And, just for journalistic documentation, here is the infamous 40-gallon barrel of hides.

It may look innocent enough, but don't lean in too close to your computer monitor. You might still be able to catch a whiff.

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