in the club

Last year was my first encounter with the Common Yellowthroat, a beautiful gold and olive bird with a black mask. According to Jon Young (my favorite naturalist and tracker), they're elusive and secretive and you only see them if they allow you to see them. So he says if you see them, you're in the "yellowthroat club." I'm not sure what the lesson is in this, but it sure makes me feel honored anytime I catch a glimpse of one.

Yesterday, on break in the yurt amidst our Turtle Village workday, Phil spotted the bright little bird right outside our window. Later, I saw it again on the path up to the yurt. Phil concluded, "We must be awesome!" I am again not sure if this is the intended lesson, but it sure gives a boost.

Although we've been quite busy as of late, the busy-ness has been tempered with much outdoor-active work, which makes my body so happy and tired. We helped clean up the tipis, and I spent the warm afternoon outside (narrowly avoiding another burn).

Phil just started soaking some deer hides from the winter. I'd almost forgotten the powerful stench of rotting hides. Every time I smell it, recoiling at the putrid aroma, I wonder if I'd consider it differently if my well-being relied more on it. If the smell meant warmth in the winter thanks to a new buckskin garment or blanket, would I like it? Would the different assosiations lead to a different perceptual interpretation? I wonder.

Here, small soft green things are finally unfurling on the end of branches. Although the ground is still mostly brown and dry, in spots there is a light carpet of growth pushing up. We are still getting frosted at night, and the grass is slippery on the way downhill in the early morning.


sharon said...

You certainly are awesome. Both of you.

Abigail said...

"Would the different associations lead to a different perceptual interpretation?"

Sounds to me like someone's taken a few psych. courses in her day. :)

Frost is hanging on here, too. I'm ready to plant, but he won't give up just yet.

heidiann(e) said...

when i read your comment, i immediately imagined Yaroslov as the Frost who was hanging on by you. so funny.