budgets, lists, and burns

As much as I have learned, and try to apply into my life, some lessons need such frequent revisiting that I marvel at myself. One such example is my current sunburn. But, oh how GREAT it felt to be outside ALL DAY yesterday!

Another example: After taking our Permaculture class, Phil and I are trying to apply the ethics and principles to our own life. Part of this involved writing out our goals, and then making a budget for expenses and savings. It felt like such an accomplishment to have everything outlined on paper - yet also oddly familiar. What had happened to last year's budget, and all those cute little jars I made to inspire myself to pinch pennies?

We are creatures of habit, and also beings of great potential. My love for sun and fresh air practically guarantees that when the tingling skin subsides I'll be back out there again. Maybe better prepared? I can't even hope to know what will interrupt this season's budget - but do hope that I will stay on track now that I have graduated to easy-to-carry envelopes instead of cumbersome jars.

Baby steps, right?

It would be too sad to list the other many varied lessons constantly needing to be relearned. Similarly, there are some mistakes so big that I say, "I will never do that again." But I don't want to list those either.


Sandy said...

Remember those burns we got in GA that time? We shed actual tears...

sharon said...

Heidi, I love your thoughts!!!!!!!!! I am about to quote them right now!!!!!