As many of you know and may be in the midst of experiencing, winter has again reared her lovely head. Thinking last week that spring was here to stay, and knowing that some roadtrips are fast approaching, we had the snowtires removed. Thus, I was found this morning at the base of Beam Hill, calling on the cell into work, telling them I'd be in late as I hiked up the hill. Phil managed to get the car out of the foot and a half of snow and slush, but there was no uphill potential.

So, up I trudged alone, with mug of java in hand. The trees were bent low under the snow's weight, and just as I started to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of this unscheduled stroll, Jeff pulled up in his four-wheel drive truck to drive me up the rest of the way.

Sunday was our final Permaculture presentations. The Turtles and the Kings all came out to support us. Each group presented for 30 minutes (and I don't enjoy public speaking) on the design process and the proposed design for an All People's Trail at the Cayuga Nature Center. I sweated a lot, and couldn't eat before hand, but all went really well. I am proud of the work that we did, and eager to apply my new knowledge to some hands-on experiences. Now, I can't believe our class is actually over.

We had to get more wood delivered, and due to the snow, the pile had to be dumped at the base of our hill. The sleds, shovels, and snowshoes are out again.

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