When I worked as the coffee barrista at Senorita Burrita, I had to wear something to hold my hair back (which is normal food-service requirement.) Trying to manipulate this into a fashion statement, I would usually wear vibrant scarves as headbands. Then, I would often go to the woods after my morning work shift. These headbands and my forest-bound habits inspired my co-worker Jeremy to refer to me as "The Woodland Ninja."
Phil wrote a long story about the WoodlandNinja, how she was rescued by cougars when injured by poachers who were disrespectfully killing deer. He sketched out her costume - all buckskin, of course - and her ninja weapons were sais made of deer antlers.
So, back at the coffee shop, I told Jeremy the abbreviated story. He, being also a musician, wrote a song about the WoodlandNinja.
Have you ever been on a walk, or bikeride, or driving a car, and realized you've been in a mental state of deep pondering? It's a combination of daydreaming, considering metaphysical states, and questioning about the world, all brought upon by the rythm of movement, the redundacy of travel. You then realize you're only driving 15 mph, when you would otherwise be going 45 (or vice versa), or that you haven't been aware of your surroundings at all.
That is Philosophy Road.

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sharon said...

I like it, I like it!

I didn't know those stories, but I loved to read them!