pre-ballet class

Sigrid's first dance class was a whole lot of adorable.

None too surprisingly, Flora wanted to also wear a leotard, and kept trying to send me away so she could sneak into the classroom.

So much cute!


6 year-old

This sweet girl is six years old now!

She loves all things old-fashioned, and Little House on the Prairie.
And nature, fairies, riding her bike, reading books, creating artwork & crafting.

She brings us so much joy.


12 years

6 years in a yurt
6 years in a cabin with child(ren)
12 years married to my favorite adventure partner.


home, school, home-school

Some Izaak Perlman Bach violin with our peanut butter & jelly.

The wood pile, ready for cozy times.

August 20th - first day of 1st grade for Sigrid, and some pre-K fun for Flora!

And pigtails for both.

Flora practices counting with play-doh

Sigrid shows off our "workbox" system of rainbow drawer-carts.

Commence learning for all!
(I love my job.)

berry pickin'

Back when the wild raspberries were ripening, Casey discovered how to pick them.
He uses his lips and front teeth, and looks like a skinny, fluffy little black bear.

He also discovered the neighbors have raspberries, too.

He's very good at sniffing them out!

And now, some furry snuggles during Saturday morning shows.



Fluffy glory.

What a good boy.

And this is Flora's drawing of "a mean cat."


Casey Kettlebell

Serendipity, and maybe a handful of miracles, followed by an opportunity we could (happily) not refuse. 
So today we welcome Casey Kettlebell King into our home. He's a 3 month-old Standard Poodle.
We are over the moon.