The Nutcracker

It may be a small production, but it is still pure magic.

Juice boxes at intermission!

The wonder!

Ithaca Ice Fest

The girls talk about the ice sculptures ALL YEAR long!
So glad we made it down for them to see them in all their fresh, sparkling glory.
AND our friend Marie came along to witness how my children go bonkers over large chunks of sculpted ice.

But first, hot cider:

Lessons learned:
Ice, even in the form of a giant throne, is still VERY slippery.

If you tell Flora not to eat or touch the giant shrimp ice sculpture (my favorite), she will see if it is okay if she just rubs her face on it.


woods expedition & lost tooth (unrelated)

Beautiful creatures in these woods!

And, back at the cabin - more to learn.

And today - a lost tooth!

I will cherish this gappy-grin for as long as it lasts!

Halloween & peripheral fun

Below is Flora's painting of a ballerina.

Below: pumpkin carving, followed by painting.

Sigrid picked such a tiny pumpkin this year - I didn't know if we could carve it at all - but we made it work!

Flora now exclusively makes silly faces for photos. I really have to catch her by surprise if I want a smile.

Flora's first costume of the day  - "sad angel"

Sigrid - angel

Final costumes for trick-or-treating :
"Queen Aurora" and "angel."


hold still!

Leaves, snow, feathers, fur, and children seem to be flying & swirling around me at every turn.
Pictures often turn out blurry - the motion is too much.
Memories blur, too - the growth is just too fast.

Hold still, I say!
But I'm also really happy they don't.