New Year's Eve

Snowed in, celebrating with party food on fancy plates, at home with two of my favorites.
(The other favorite was working at the hospital.)

Another milestone - Sigrid lost her first tooth on Saturday!

Flora with her latest beloved: Baby Hop-hop.

Happy New Year!


Christmas morning


Poor Flora was sick the whole week with fever, ear infection, and lots of congestion.

King of the Elves.

Nana has quite the audience opening her gifts!

The Queen, and her corgi's portrait.

Sigrid opening her biggest-wish-gift: an 18" doll (this one is by Our Generation).

Flora also got one - I couldn't resist the one named "Florence."

Flora arranging her livestock in the new barn.

A very merry Christmas to all!

Christmas Eve

I found these photos on my camera the next morning.
Looks rather like the scene of a crime, does it not?

Those sneaky elves....

portrait gallery

When it comes to goofy faces, Flora and Mahlon are at the top, I'd say.

riding with Pa

Flora and Sigrid's Pa is a truck driver (among many other things), and over the holiday break he gave us a special treat of a short ride in his big-rig.


the shortest days

Lower-case alphabet, and stick-on earrings:



The Wise Men meet some new friends on their nightly journey:

Opening gifts from Mimi:

Fancy Christmas dresses!


Nutcracker, Advent, homeschool

All gussied-up and ready for the big show - heading to the Nutcracker at The State Theater in Ithaca!

It was a lovely production, and the girls were dazzled. I could have spent the whole performance watching them & their (pointing! gasping!) reactions. They WERE nervous about the Rat King, but he was such a comic, they were asking for his return right afterward.

The whole alphabet, in capital letters!

Proud girl:

And guess who decided to potty-train herself last week? Yup, this one! No bribery needed, but here she has her "special treat" of chocolate chips for another successful visit to the bathroom.

Our twiggy Advent tree:

It's even Christmas season for the Calico Critters.

Cross-stitch loveliness from my Mom:

And four hand-made stockings by the same:

Sigrid's own felt-board! A gift from Mrs. Larson, her Sunday school teacher.

Flora doing her workbooks, with the help of "Baby Owish" - her name for Babar Elephant.