Pre-Easter, & Easter

The days fill with color.
Despite persistent snow, the birds are returning, and we wake to robins and cardinals singing. 

Note: new lovey - Raccoon.
Baby Hop-hop has mysteriously been left on the dresser for at least a week now.

Wonder Woman / Queen cape from Mimi.

This Raccoon has much to learn.

Easter Apple Hand-pies! So fun, and so delicious. This will surely be repeated.

Painting tiny treasure-boxes:

Opening goodies on Easter morning:

My two eggs (Flora again manages to sabotage a nearly-nice picture):

And this was the best we could manage all four:

Happy Easter!
He is risen!



PA girls' adventure

Last week the kids and I took a road-trip to PA to see friends and family.
We had a really nice time, but of course really missed Phil and the kitties.

Our time was rich with conversation, playtime, dress-up, and sweet treats.

This first photo? Of course it's great to see the wildlings running rampant, jumping on the couch. But if you can zoom in on the photo, I discovered Tasha's and my reflection in the little mirror - her head thrown back in laughter.
I love that we laugh so hard together.

Auntie Em, reading in squoosh-mode. Moments later, Georgia fell fast asleep amidst the pile.

Sigrid was dazzled by the magic of clip-on earrings - all the glamour, none of the pain? She was fully ready to sign up for life.

Sleepy & cozy from so much fun.

loft bed - the next generation

Many years ago now, when Phil and I had just moved into the yurt, our new friend Paul helped us put together a tall loft bed for the yurt.
We later lovingly called it our "plank in the sky."

Recently, I hired Paul to again fashion a loft-bed for us. This time, for the girls' room in our cabin.

It is beautiful - Paul is truly talented. The girls love playing on it (and sleeping), and Sigrid keeps saying, "We don't seem like the type of people who get these kinds of things!"
I think she means because it is so nice.

Thanks to Paul!


in like a lion

March swaggered in with a super-windy snowstorm.

Flora has been taking barefoot snow-walking tips from Papa.
Or maybe it was Elsa.

Syracuse MOST

What a fun day with Erica & Kieran!

Diner dinner date with my girls.

Then, the boys at home.

The final day of February - sunshine & warm. They were so happy to play in the sandbox!


The month was full of surprises - at first we thought maybe the groundhog was going to be wrong after all.


Groundhog's Day weekend

The groundhog saw its shadow, hence six more weeks of winter.

I love that this minor holiday has become a recurring tradition for the King family. It all stared 10 years ago, when Stan & Emiley woke us at some unholy hour to drive all the way in an ice-storm to Gobbler's Knob in Punxatawney.

The rest, as they say, is history.

This was our most recent celebration - no big storms or road-trips this time - just lots of good food & good company.

Huzzah! Huzzah!


New Year's Eve

Snowed in, celebrating with party food on fancy plates, at home with two of my favorites.
(The other favorite was working at the hospital.)

Another milestone - Sigrid lost her first tooth on Saturday!

Flora with her latest beloved: Baby Hop-hop.

Happy New Year!