Our dragon turns Three

When she first awoke, and found out it was her birthday, she kept saying, "Am I really three now? Really? Are you sure?"

Her day was filled with dinosaurs (as requested), butterfly wings, pretty dresses, Duplos, and a giraffe.
The pink scoot-bike was a surprise from Papa.

Flora Tanager, we love you so.


TC3 Commencement

Awarded scholarships, and high honors!

 Then he constructed and burned an effigy of himself as a nursing student.

Into the fire, and onto the next chapter!

TC3 - RN pinning ceremony

Cheered by adoring fans.

He made it!

Pinned by his RN mama.

We love and are SO proud of our graduate!


Co-op Night

For the past eight weeks, we have been attending the LEAH co-op in our area.
We love it, and look forward to more years learning and growing with this group of amazing kids & parents.

For this final co-op night, the teachers set up display tables to show off what the kids had learned and created. Sigrid was in a "Storytime fun" class, and a nature-observation class called "One Small Square."

Flora learned some Spanish with her preschool class.

Sigrid's "Storytime" class did a performance of "The Little Red Hen."
Sigrid was The Pig, and was so excited to be in her "first play ever!"

Sigrid was also recognized for completing Kindergarten.
We're so proud.



two I found

On a recent rainy day, I realized how nicely the girls' outfits were coordinated with each other.
They found fun garden stakes to play with.

For their homeschool co-op picture day, I coordinated them on purpose.

But I could never plan on smiles that captured their personalities so perfectly.


I pulled out some old dresses my mom made for me back in the day.
I think Sigrid looks like a time-traveler.
Or maybe a character from Anne of Green Gables? Or Little House on the Prairie?


Lady-tribe (& kids) adventure

A hotel near Jim Thorpe, just between Ithaca and Lancaster.

The pool was under renovation, but that was okay, because the new Spring sunshine had just emerged, full-tilt. We ate sweet treats and pizza, and romped in the nearby town park.
Mud-stomping and play-ground clambering. A movie at the hotel, a stop for coffee and donuts.
Breakfast in our Sunday best.

It was glorious - all of it.