meet Dusty and Ambrose

I picked them out, but Sigrid named them.

Dusty has the white stripe on his face, and is named after Dusty Dogwood from "Brambly Hedge."
Ambrose is named after the cat from "Solomon the Rusty Nail."


Hickory Run camping

A wonderful weekend in a beautiful area with beloved friends.

Sigrid declared that the boulder field was better than a playground.

Then we hiked to a view overlooking the Lehigh River.
And found wild blueberries!

Phil likes to spike up Flora's hair and says it's her dinosaur mohawk.

A great time was had by all!


letting go

Today we said our final goodbye to sweet Angelica Harlem, the last of my Chicago kitties.

It was sad, and hard.

And as always, it is such a beautiful thing to love & share life with these furry beings that we welcome into our families.
We've been on so many adventures together.

Farewell my beautiful, feisty kittygirl.
We will miss you so.


happy campers

We just wrapped up our first week together at Primitive Pursuits' Growing Wild camp.
It was such a delight to be out there, teaching with these two critters running amok.

This just makes my heart so happy.


Binghamton's Ross Park Zoo

Turns out that this zoo is the fifth oldest in the country, established in 1875. 

The kids loved their first zoo experience, and this little bite-sized zoo was perfect. 

Flora loved the goats.
I post this very blurry photo because it was the best shot I got of her smooching the billy goat's cheek.

Sigrid posing with bald eagles - one of her favorite birds.

A favorite moment from the visit:
On our way to the penguin enclosure, we passed some other moms who told us, "There's nothing down there. The penguins are off-exhibit."

Oh well. We ventured down anyway, just to look around. The kids climbed up to look in the habitat, and Sigrid exclaimed, "LOOK! A penguin!"

Was it a rogue? No! It was the whole flock, just feet away, at the base of the rocks.

The lesson? Multiple:
1) It's all about perspective.
2) Don't make assumptions.
3) It's always worth double-checking if the penguins are really there.

Toughannock, Sheldrake, & Treman

When we arrived at Treman to camp, they were dredging the swimming area. So we headed to Toughannock and swam in the lake.

We stopped for a few sips at Sheldrake Point winery. I think this may now be my new favorite winery - good wine and such a beautiful place. I look forward to hosting more visitors so I have another excuse to go!

On Saurday, swimming was open at Treman again. Swimming at the base of waterfall is the best.

We celebrated these two two's with an ice-cream cake from Purity Ice Cream.

Swedish fire-torch! Amazing!

How's that for the perfect Ithaca staycation?