tree-hunting at Hunt's

Hurst family Thanksgiving

Potluck at the Uwchlan  Meeting house!

Knit hats from Aunt Stephanie:

A gorgeous, sprawling cherry tree in the graveyard behind the meeting house provided wonderful adventures.

Pop-pop with his great-grandkids:


photo shoot

During the family-filled Thanksgiving weekend in PA, we also did a cousins-only photo shoot.
Well... *sigh*
Last time we tried a pro photo shoot was in Chicago, and let me tell you, Sigrid was NOT playing along. This time? Sigrid had a dress she loved, so was the happiest goofball present. So, now it was Flora's turn to be miserable. She was tired, cranky, and inconsolable. Thankfully we got ONE of all 5 cousins before she fell apart completely.

So, for your enjoyment, our photos:

Smiling or not, I love the people in these photos.


last week and today

We've had quite the contrast in weather here this month.

Flora with her beloved Roscoe. She usually takes him out in the stroller, but this day she opted to tote him in a basket.

Now, lots of snow.
And cute hats and silly faces.

She really was happy to be out.... 
But man, these faces....

This one was delighted about the snow, no hiding that.



Weeks back she decided she was going to be Belle. 
Then, two days ago, we found this dress 50% off at the second-hand kids' store.

I must add how proud I am of her today:
She went to the dentist and got two cavities filled, and she did great. She was so brave and cooperative. Afterward she said, "Getting my fillings wasn't so bad after all!"

And yes, getting your teeth fixed right BEFORE Halloween is ironic, but not a totally bad idea. 

Beauty AND the Beast

This is our first year trick-or-treating, and boy was it a hit. A few weeks before, she thought we were supposed to be passing out treats at each house, and she was trying to come up with ideas. But after several re-explanations, she got it. And she loved every part of it - her enthusiasm only increased with each house.

(And I hope someday some brave costume-clad trick-or-treaters DO scale Goodrich Hill to solicit our house! I will be ready!)

Here we are with the Eckleys. We went around their Brooktondale neighborhood, then closed out with the Community Center party. Free games and snacks and more candy! Amazing!

This gorgeous log cabin was home to one very quiet, but very friendly & generous bear.

More treats!

The little girls loved dancing to the bluegrass music at the Community Center.


first day of real (soggy) snow

I was up for nearly 20 minutes before I looked out the window. Shame on me!

First, a tiny basket-canoe:



Back in:

Back out:
A gifted puffy coat and snow pants.
Happy marshmallow.


autumn glory

Autumn - a time for holding on....
Nostalgia, gripping mugs of warm tea, stockpiling summer's flavors in canned or frozen forms, stacking firewood higher and higher.
And yet, a time for letting go....
Cleaning the house to prepare for days of cabin-fever, leaves falling & being swept away, moments to treasure but never to last, final days of warmth and sunshine getting shorter and shorter.

And the light and the colors are enough to make me weep and sing. I am distracted.

Here, a girl rocking her swaddled baby Hello Kitty.

A dragon, now on request, flashing her "BIGGEST SMILE."
It cracks me up, because it is so forced. She is the master of facial expression.

A classic Flora expression.
Here I am slain, because I have such strong memories of Sigrid in that hat, and in this dress.
*sigh!* Hold on!
*sigh!!!* Let go!

Two bookworms, two fake smiles.

Then this: