just this one

This has been the richest summer - trips, mini getaways, camping, blue-berry picking.... 
My heart & camera are bursting.

But I can't post it all. 
So, I'll just take this moment to give you one snap from today:

It was hot, and Flora figured out how to spray herself with the water bottle to cool off.

Just a couple weeks left - we're getting all the goodness out of this season that we can!


the past few

My heart is just too full for words. These past couple weeks reminded me of just how blessed I am.
We celebrated Flora turning one.

My heart cannot hold so much joy:
My baby.

And, my bigger baby holding a baby:
Sigrid held Cadence, and covered her in smooches.

Family portrait of mostly goofy faces.

Then, Nana & Pa came for a whirlwind visit. We were so happy to have them - I wanted to freeze time.

And this beautiful Mimi spent two whole weeks here, that went by in a flash.
And that one she holds? In those two weeks started giving kisses & blowing kisses, and walking lots more.

And then I turned 37. Definitely the best yet. How could it not be? I am so blessed - my two girls, and this man that I love so much.

Oh, and my favorite trucker showed up as a surprise, with buckeyes, fudge, and peanut-butter cookies. How did he get here? Well, he must have teleported himself, because that's the only explanation.

We also went strawberry picking, and spent a luxurious day of fun at Myers Point Park (swimming, play-grounding, picnicking, canoeing, etc.).
Such riches.
I'd not trade the world for anything else.


at times, they do this:

This one fell asleep on my lap, then let me plop her on the couch:

Another day, this one fell asleep in the car, then let her Papa plop her on the porch swing:

quiet moment

I came out from getting Flora down for her nap, and found this sweet scene:
Sigrid snuggled up in a nest, reading to her baby.


a queen and her tarts

Flora Tanager turns One!

A flower and a dragon,
a treasure and a gift.

We are thankful for every moment we share with her.

Today, my baby is one.

The new baby doll got lots of hugs & pats.


 Standing! Walking!



the level of sand is dropping...

SOMEONE keeps eating all our sand.
It seems she can't help herself.

Just.... can... not... stop....


Here, in character as the Queen of England.
(It's her new thing since I told her royalty is a real thing, and showed her footage of the young Queen Elizabeth.)

Oh, more!

And the Queen sets sail...