Imagine these in B&W

I responded to a FB challenge:
"Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people, no explanation. Challenge someone new each day."

I couldn't figure out how to switch my camera to taking black and white photos, but I modified my photos in the Facebook edit-mode.

I thought I'd like to post my week's collection here, but you'll just have to enjoy them in full color.



a moment from August

This video is from August, and I can't believe how much smaller they all look: kittens, and the children.

Oh, how they have grown!


Halloween night

Sigrid decided months ago that she wanted to be Mona Lisa for Halloween.
She has been practicing her smile.

Flora scored an adorable hand-me-down Elmo costume.

I couldn't figure out how to keep Sigrid's frame attached in a comfortable way, so we just used it for this photo session.

(Running through the dark, her robes swirling and flapping, Phil said Sigrid looked like a Ringwraith - Abby, good thing she didn't encounter your Legolas!)


my rainbow

A cold, dreary, wet afternoon.

I looked out the window.

And there I spied my sweet sunshine-rainbow blowing bubbles.

The sprite spied me.

And continued spreading her magic cheer.

Oh how I love that I get to spend my days with this girl.

Wizarding Weekend

Flora couldn't stop talking about the automated dragon.

But my favorite moment was when we three were sitting on the curb while they ate pizza, and the magic of pizza lifted their tired spirits and they both started "happy-dancing."

She makes it hard to keep a straight face....

It's time to get in the tub!
I mean it!

Oh, you.


second ride on Starlight

But first, Flora totes around triplets, 

then builds a tower.

Now this:
The two beings with grey hair both have huge hearts of gold.

to PA for Pop-pop's 90th

Stoughton Farm & corn maze


a first

Today after our little BAH (Berkshire Area Homeschoolers) gathering, we were last-minute invited to have mini horseback-riding lessons at a friend's barn.

Joanne is incredibly generous and kind. She wants to pass on the gift of riding, as it was shared with her as a child.

It felt so huge (to me) to see Sigrid for the first time on a horse. I was unprepared, so I'm thankful to Maggie for taking these pictures!
Sigrid loved it, and I wonder if it is something she'll want to pursue more.