4 years - today

Today Sigrid turned four.

Since her day included attending a wedding that just happened to have her favorite local band (Big Upstate!), a hayride, hula hoops, and friends... it was a pretty magical day.


10 years

On our PA weekend jaunt, we were gifted babysitting so we could go on our first date since before Flora.
We were celebrating our 10-year anniversary.

Phil took us to this crazy-amazing boulder field in Lititz.
We scampered & scrambled, then got iced lattes in town & walked in a very civilized park.
But this wild boulder field was the best.

We returned to a duo of happy daughters. SO thankful to Emiley & Nana (and the support crew) for giving us this time.

So thankful for THIS ONE who is my life's blessing.
Here's to ten more years!

A bit of magic: on the walk in, I immediately found a flicker feather.
Phil & I both wore flicker feathers in our wedding.
God smiles down on us in grand and small ways.


4 years

We zipped down to PA for the first batch of celebrating Sigrid's 4th birthday (though her actual birthday is next weekend).

My heart is full of love for this little one, growing so fast.

Her smiles all day brought me so much joy. Here are some moments I want to remember:

She kept repeating to her family-guests: "Thank you all for coming to my party!"
Just before we started to sing, she asked, "Is it okay if I sing to myself, too?"
She wished on candles that would NOT be lit on a lovely, but really breezy, 94-degree day. Wishing on unlit candles did not disappoint her. Later she simply asked me "So, when will my wish come true?" (It was for a stuffed Primrose, from Brambly Hedge.)
As we finally loaded the party supplies in the car to go home, she looked up at me and said, "Thank you for my happy birthday."

These two both celebrated first birthdays in June - and now they are clearly experts in the cupcake department.

My sweet Honey-Bee.


we were on a boat!

And it was lovely.

(Thanks, Nana & Pa!)



just this one

This has been the richest summer - trips, mini getaways, camping, blue-berry picking.... 
My heart & camera are bursting.

But I can't post it all. 
So, I'll just take this moment to give you one snap from today:

It was hot, and Flora figured out how to spray herself with the water bottle to cool off.

Just a couple weeks left - we're getting all the goodness out of this season that we can!


the past few

My heart is just too full for words. These past couple weeks reminded me of just how blessed I am.
We celebrated Flora turning one.

My heart cannot hold so much joy:
My baby.

And, my bigger baby holding a baby:
Sigrid held Cadence, and covered her in smooches.

Family portrait of mostly goofy faces.

Then, Nana & Pa came for a whirlwind visit. We were so happy to have them - I wanted to freeze time.

And this beautiful Mimi spent two whole weeks here, that went by in a flash.
And that one she holds? In those two weeks started giving kisses & blowing kisses, and walking lots more.

And then I turned 37. Definitely the best yet. How could it not be? I am so blessed - my two girls, and this man that I love so much.

Oh, and my favorite trucker showed up as a surprise, with buckeyes, fudge, and peanut-butter cookies. How did he get here? Well, he must have teleported himself, because that's the only explanation.

We also went strawberry picking, and spent a luxurious day of fun at Myers Point Park (swimming, play-grounding, picnicking, canoeing, etc.).
Such riches.
I'd not trade the world for anything else.