Fluffy glory.

What a good boy.

And this is Flora's drawing of "a mean cat."


Casey Kettlebell

Serendipity, and maybe a handful of miracles, followed by an opportunity we could (happily) not refuse. 
So today we welcome Casey Kettlebell King into our home. He's a 3 month-old Standard Poodle.
We are over the moon.


summer, glorious summer

Summer is here!

Get your goldfish lined up. 
Best to get supervision from Baby Hop-hop.

While away the hours on a porch.
Observe hummingbirds, deer, and mostly rowdy children.

Above photos from our recent 4-day stay at the King Cabin.
We also visited Sinnemahoning SP, where Flora adopted this bear family.

The visitor's center there is magnificent.

There was a new kid's corner. The kids approve!

A while back, Holly Z gave Flora the book, "This is Not My Hat."
Here Flora created a magna-doodle rendition of the drama.

This week we also played in the creek before and after the rainstorms, when the water was freezing cold and racing rapidly. Uncle Matt provided an epic firewords display - my kids' first time seeing real-ish fireworks. (They loved them.) We took short walks, and watched the nesting barn swallows on the porch.

We celebrated my birthday with cake, ice cream, and much singing!
39 is going great already!

Many portraits:

Grandkids with Nana & Pa

The super sassy posers.

Cousins in fancy shoes:

The whole crowd:


Our dragon turns Three

When she first awoke, and found out it was her birthday, she kept saying, "Am I really three now? Really? Are you sure?"

Her day was filled with dinosaurs (as requested), butterfly wings, pretty dresses, Duplos, and a giraffe.
The pink scoot-bike was a surprise from Papa.

Flora Tanager, we love you so.


TC3 Commencement

Awarded scholarships, and high honors!

 Then he constructed and burned an effigy of himself as a nursing student.

Into the fire, and onto the next chapter!